Somerset County, PA


?} External Web Link: Official Somerset County, PA Web Site
?} Somerset County, PA's county seat is Somerset, PA.

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Great Allegheny Passage Trail is a 150 mile crushed limestone trail for biking, and hiking that links Pittsburgh, PA to Cumberland, MD and the 184.5 mile C&O Canal Trail that connects to Washington, DC. That makes 334.5 miles of safe travel without threat from motorized vehicles.
Despite rising to an elevation of 2392 feet at the eastern continental divide in Larimer Township, PA (Somerset County, PA), the trail built on former railroad beds has an average grade of only 2%.

The 150 mile Great Allegheny Passage Trail is a single trail made up of multiple corridors:
?} The Fay-West Area refers to Fayette County, PA, and Westmoreland County, PA as well as parts of Somerset County, PA.
?} External Web Link: Official Somerset Historical Center Web Site

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