Wharton Township, PA


?} Communities bordering Wharton Township, PA include Georges Township, PA, Henry Clay Township, PA, North Union Township, PA, South Union Township, PA, Springhill Township, PA, and Stewart Township, PA.

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?} Christian W. Klay Winery, established in 1997, has the distinction of being the highest vineyard east of the Rocky Mountains at an elevation of approximately 2,350 feet. Visitors to the winery can enjoy a panoramic view that includes West Virginia, and Maryland.
PA State Game Land 51 is located in central Fayette County, PA along a portion of Chestnut Ridge. Elevation ranges from around 900 feet along the Youghiogheny River to in excess of 2300 feet in Wharton Township, PA.

The sprawling game reserve has land in the following communities: Connellsville Township, PA, Dunbar Township, PA, Springfield Township, PA, Stewart Township, PA, and Wharton Township, PA. It also borders portions of Ohiopyle State Park, PA to its east.

Water flowing through PA State Game Land 51 include: Bruner Run, Dunbar Creek (and its many smaller tributaries), Laurel Run, Morgan Run, and Youghiogheny River.
?} Stone House Restaurant & Country Inn is located in Wharton Township, PA near the village of Farmington, PA.
?} Christian W. Klay Winery is located in Wharton Township, PA, near the village of Chalk Hill, PA.
Fort Necessity National Battlefield, site of the 1754 Fort Necessity battle at the start of the French and Indian War, is located near Farmington, PA in Wharton Township, PA.

British and colonial forces under the command of George Washington came under attack by a larger force of French and Indians.
?} External Web Link: Official Fort Necessity National Battlefield Web Site

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?} Fort Necessity National Battlefield
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