Ohiopyle, PA


?} Stewart Township, PA surrounds the borough of Ohiopyle, PA.
Ohiopyle, PA is named for the Youghiogheny River's twenty to twenty-five foot tall waterfall, the Ohiopyle Falls, which is also the namesake for Ohiopyle State Park, PA that engulfs the Ohiopyle, PA borough. Ohiopyle is a Delaware Indian word that translates to "white frothy water."
?} Ohiopyle, PA's main street is Route 381.
?} Ohiopyle State Park, PA owns the lands surrounding the small borough of Ohiopyle, PA.

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The Youghiogheny River, or "Yough" as many locals call it, begins in the mountains of West Virginia and Maryland before flowing into the Youghiogheny River Lake (reservoir). The Youghiogheny River emerges after a dam at Confluence, PA, where it is joined by water from the Casselman River and Laurel Hill Creek before flowing with class II and III whitewater rapids prior to Ohiopyle, PA, where the Youghiogheny River makes a dramatic 20 - 25 foot plunge at Ohiopyle State Park, PA's Ohiopyle Falls. Class III, IV and V rapids begin at Ohiopyle, PA and continue for nearly eight miles before the river begins to calm as it nears South Connellsville, PA. The Youghiogheny River's personality becomes gentler beginning at Connellsville, PA, after which it meanders until its confluence with the Monongahela River at McKeesport, PA.

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?} Fast Running in Meadow Run Natural Waterslide at Ohiopyle
?} Ohiopyle over the falls 2007 trailer
?} Rafting on Ohiopyle
?} Extreme Kayaking
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